Pineapple Flower Arrangement

Eid Ul Adha is around the corner, and I’m sure many of you are looking for ideas for centre pieces for your tables. Fruit is a very creative way of adding colour and texture to your flower arrangements. Using a pineapple shell as a flower vase will be the cherry on top this and It will make the perfect table arrangement for Eid breakfast or if you are hosting a BBQ this Eid which I know many of us are, it will add that pop of colour which is needed and it is really simple to put together.

To create this floral arrangements all you need is fresh pineapples, your favourite flowers (preferably bright colours) and a small plastic bottle or glass which fits snugly into the pineapple shell.

1. Cut the top of the pineapple and throw the top away.

2. Scoop the fruit carefully from the shell.

3. Add a small glass or cut a plastic bottle to fit into the pineapple shell. If the cup doesn’t fit try and scoop out more of the fruit or adjust cup to fit.

4. Add water 1/4 way up the glass.

5. Cut your favourite flower to fit into the glass and ensemble flowers together. Because the cup inside is rather short, you will need to use scissors to cut the stems of the flowers rather short.

6. Style your tables

7. Don’t forget to keep watering the flowers.

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