How I Organise My Fridges

The kitchen is the heart of the home and being able to organize your refrigerator will help your whole kitchen to feel organised. Let me start by explaining to you a little about MY fridges at home and how I organise them. 💗

  1. I have 3 fridges in total.  I keep 2 fridge/freezer combos in my main kitchen and I have an older fridge and freezer which I keep out of my main kitchen. 
  2. The one fridge in the main kitchen is purely for fruit, veggies, drinks and water. 
  3. The second fridge in the main kitchen is purely for all my dairy and deli items for example milk, yogurt, cheese, butter and olives etc. I also keep vegetables in the drawer of both these fridges
  4. The older fridge which is out of my main kitchen is where I keep all my masalas, achar, sauces, left over food, extra drinks and water.
  5. I ordered fridge bins from @mrpricehome and it’s the best decision i made. I keep the bins only in my main fridges and only 2 bins per fridge. Too many bins can also look too full and messy. 
  1. In fridge 1, bin 1 is only for fruit, and bin 2 is for left over vegetables such as onion and pepper which I keep in separate containers so it lasts longer and avoids smelling the fridge, the left over vegetable containers I purchased from @athomestores.  
  2. In fridge 2, bin 1 I keep dairy items such as eggs cheese and butter, bin 2 I keep deli items such as olives and capers. 
  3. In the drawer of both my main fridges I only keep vegetables and salad items such a cucumber, broccoli, spring onions and lettuce so everything is green and fresh. 
  4. I feel It’s important to keep each part of your fridge for a specific item and not to change it around, this way your family will easily find items they are looking for.                                                                             Remember this is what works for me and my home, it may not necessarily work for you.

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